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Tower Products Releases Advanced Fountain Solution Systems Cleaner

Tower Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive pressroom chemistry for the offset and flexographic printing industry, has released a new and advanced product technology specifically designed to effectively clean the fountain solution recirculation system.

The product, Dynamic Duo Systems Cleaner, is the latest addition to the growing line of technology
materials for offset printing offered by the company.

Dynamic Duo Systems Cleaner was developed to help printers effectively clean their fountain solution
recirculation systems and come back to print quality quickly and easily. Dynamic Duo Systems Cleaner is
a two part, ready to use liquid system that contains an alkaline cleaning liquid (Part One) and a liquid
neutralizer (Part Two). Applying this technology to the recirculation system provides for a fully cleaned
and stabilized water tank for adding the fountain solution back into the system for a faster start-up. The
product system is non-regulated and the two products are color coded for easy identification.

Dynamic Duo Systems Cleaner is available in 6 quart cases (3 Part One and 3 Part Two) and 4x1 gallon
cases (2 Part One and 2 Part Two). Tower Products is providing sample material for evaluation and the
product is available through Tower’s global dealer channel.

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