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Tower Products Sustainability Statement

As a leading manufacturer in pressroom chemistry, Tower Products cares strongly about our impact on the environment and being a sustainable company. Over the last several years, Tower Products has implemented policies, made improvements at our facility in Easton, Pennsylvania, and executed manufacturing practices that promote a positive impact on the environment. Some key factors that we have incorporated include:
• Starting a rigorous company recycling program to make it easier for employees to recycle various materials and reduce our carbon foot print in our community.
• Reusing water used to rinse product specific batches in our mixing tanks to reduce our overall water usage.
• Recycle our drums and use recyclable containers and materials for packaging our products.
• Installing new LED lights throughout our facility to help use less energy.
• Installing a new ceiling and windows in our production room to help the temperature to be more efficient.
• Installing three new bulk storage tanks to help reduce the number of drums of raw material we need to use and transport.
Tower Products has a commitment to continue to evaluate and grow our sustainability practices. Our goal is to reduce our impact on the environment, while also delivering quality products to our customers.