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Saphira BLUE PRINT products  
Product Recommended Replacement
Saphira Fount 554 AR Pure  Millennium 3000 / Millennium 5000 
Saphira Fount 510 Millennium 8000
Saphira Fount 516 Millennium HSW-100
Saphira Fount 517 Millennium HSW-200 EU
Saphira Fount 224 Millennium 7000
Saphira Water Fix Tower Water Conditioner
Saphira Alcohol Sub 324 AR-7500
Saphira Blanket Conditioner   Restorkleen
Saphira Dry Ink Cleaner Restorkleen
Saphira Damp Clean Combi Discovery Wash 1171 UV
Saphira Roller Paste Tower Roller Paste
Saphira Chrome Conditioner Tower Chrome Roller Cleaner
Saphira Plate Cleaner UNI 504 Tower Plate Cleaner and Preserver
Saphira Plate Cleaner UV 500  UV Plate Cleaner FP
Saphira Coating Cleaner 590 Coatincs Cleaner AC
Saphira Calcium Deglazer Deluxe Calcium Rinse
Saphira Systems Cleaner Dynamic Duo Systems Cleaner
Saphira Roller and Blanket Wash 60  Infinity Wash HMK-1 WM
Saphira Uni Cleaner 500 Knockout / Coatings Cleaner AC
Saphira  Wash 502NV Infinity Wash HMK-1 WM
Saphira Wash 562 Infinity Wash HMK-1 WM
Saphira Wash 578 Infinity Wash 1300 UV / Infinity Wash HMK- UV 
Saphira Wash 576 UV Infinity Wash 1300 UV / Infinity Wash HMK-UV
Saphira Wash 572 Infinity Wash Combi
Saphira Wash 41 Tech Wash IF